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Know About High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel has, as the name implies, a high carbon content. This results in a very hard steel with superior sharpness and edge retention!

· Pros:

In general, high carbon steel knives are sharper, harder, hold an edge for longer and are easier to re-sharpen. 

· Cons:

Carbon steel is sensitive to corrosion caused by water and humidity.

So you must follow the maintenance tips below and avoid extreme pressure/accidentally hitting hard surfaces to keep it in a good condition.

Before You Use

Please use detergent water to wash the blade thoroughly before use.

*The oily/black substances may be left by hand forged process and for maintenance purpose. Don't worry.

After You Use

· Wash the blade carefully

· Dry it thoroughly

Maintenance Tips

· No dishwasher

· Don't soak the wood handle

· Oil the blade periodically